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Straight to the point

Yo, here’s the deal. We get you. We know what you like, and what you really want. That’s why we give you the Jama3ty 9 line, with a bunch of awesome benefits.

To subscribe to Jama3ty 9

  • If you’re a new subscriber, dial *230*12#
  • If you’re a current Orange subscriber, dial *509#

Important Information:

  • Fair usage policy within limited caps applies up to 25 GB, and afterwards, you will get an additional 10 GB that can be used as you wish at reduced speed
  • Jama3ty 9 lines are exclusively for youth between the ages of 18-25, with one line per subscriber. In the case of detected violations, Jama3ty 9 will be switched to Orange 9
  • A fair usage policy applies within the following monthly caps: 30,000 minutes to Orange mobile, 3,000 local SMS, 2,000 minutes to other local networks for Jama3ty 9
  • Non-Jordanian subscribers can get Jama3ty 9 line at Orange shops only
  • Jama3ty 9 line subscribers can recharge with Nos B Nos scratch cards and e-sh7anli
  • The monthly subscription is 9 JD excluding tax (price including tax is 11.80 JD when recharging with Nos B Nos scratch cards or e-sh7anli, for more click here)
  • Terms and conditions apply